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How should a single-chip microcomputer solution development company choose?

The development of single-chip microcomputer is of course very important for electronic product manufacturers. There are some free single-chip microcomputer solutions on the market, which can indeed save part of the cost, but it is greatly discounted for the continuity and stability of the development of the solution. A company specializing in the development of single-chip microcomputer solutions can not only ensure that the project is carried out in an orderly manner, but also is very important for later maintenance and redevelopment.

First of all, the developed functional program is unstable. When the product is laid out on the market, if it is found that the function is unstable and there are errors, the user experience will be seriously affected, resulting in the loss of users in the market. Once mass production starts, the resulting economic loss will be very large. If something goes wrong, the free development company will not deal with it in time or not.

This is not the case with TCCHIP. From pre-sales to after-sales, TCCHIP provides customers with professional services, pre-sales model selection guidance, technical consultation, and free application for materials and samples to ensure that the developed functional programs are stable enough. Occasionally, if there is a problem, engineers can also Quick docking solution.

Secondly, the supply of single-chip microcomputer chips is difficult to keep up with the production demand. In developing a solution, not only the software needs to be considered, but the importance of the single-chip microcomputer chip is also self-evident. No matter what electronic products are produced and designed, the single-chip microcomputer chip is an indispensable component. Out of stock and supply of single-chip microcomputer chips will directly paralyze the production line and cannot produce products normally. Like TCCHIP, it has its own programming factory, with an inventory of more than 50kk, which can flexibly meet the supply demand and deliver quickly.

There are also many development companies in the market saying that the development of their own solutions is free, but the after-sales service system is very scattered and cannot provide effective solutions to manufacturers in a timely manner, which affects the production cycle of the product and has a serious impact on the future market. Impact. However, TCCHIP does a good job in after-sales, after-sales tracking service, the support of the original technical team, and services such as burning, taping, typing and other services for customers. There is a 7*24-hour service, and engineers can quickly connect and solve difficult problems.

As a solution development company established for more than ten years, TCCHIP is not only well-known for its development capabilities, but also fully able to guarantee customers' shipment needs in the supply chain of single-chip microcomputers, ensure customers' normal production, and solve customers' worries.