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About TCCHIP Company

TCCHIP's Company History

TCCHIP Electronic is a famous international One Stop Purchasing Service Provider of Electronic Components.Our company has been established for 11 years old. Based on the concept of Customer-orientation and Innovation, a good process control system, professional management team, advanced inventory management technology, we can provide one-stop electronic component supporting services that TCCHIP is the preferred partner for all the enterprises and research institutions.

TCCHIP's Vision

To advance the drive for innovation in the electronic goods industry and empower electronic manufacturers to diversify their operation through consistent fulfillment of their electronic component inventories. To promote the technological evolution in the automotive, medical, industrial, and consumer goods sectors and play our role in enhancing technological progression globally.

TCCHIP's Mission

To consistently supply our customers with all their electronic components requirements and keep their stocks filled without delays. To deliver the best service in terms of quality, response time, and reliability with a key focus on customer service.

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Professional Team

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Worldwide Customers

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Our Values

TCCHIP adhere to with the accurate quotation, excellent credit, reasonable price, reliable quality, fast delivery, and authentic service, we have won the praise of the majority of customers.


Quality defines everything we do. It relates to our people, products and practices. For our clients, we help them enhance customer experience and gain a competitive edge by embedding superior quality in their solutions and delivery.


We believe that two minds are better than one. Through internal and external collaboration, we are able to spark ideas and creative solutions that uplift the way we service our employees, clients and stakeholders.


Through continuous improvement and constant innovation we are able to find ever improved solutions to our clients’ challenges, securing our position at the forefront of our field and sustaining our accelerated growth path.


Passion binds us and drives us to continuously grow, improve and reach greater heights. Our passion is clearly reflected in the pride we take in our work and our drive to advance ourselves, our clients and our industry.

Our Global Customers

TCCHIP has years of industry experience in our traditional market by Hong kong and china which is the largest gathering place for electronic factories and manufacturers in the world. we clearly understand our customers’ expectations. Without a shadow of a doubt, we consider response time to be an absolute priority for our customers. Being aware of the requirements of our customers, we have designed our supply chain for the fastest response time with our distribution centers spreading over all the continents, be it the USA, Europe, South Asia, Australia, or Africa. That way, we will ensure quick delivery of your components no matter where you place your order from.To our delight, the market reflects much better as we expected, Our customers are 90% satisfied with us. We will insist our enterprise values and continue to do our best and work hard to create a brilliant future together with our new and regular clients!

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